Let's face it: so much of our "day in and day out," is defined by the familiar. And like it or not, it's a tendency toward routine that as humans, we're all too prone to adopt. But we know better, don't we? We sense that life's richest moments occur when and where our normal is confronted by an unexpected dose of the brand new. And whether it's found in a place, a physical experience, another culture, or shared with new people, it's this newness we seek. The tough part is taking the first step...

Life is supposed to be full of zest, vigor - and spiced with powerful experiences that ultimately help forge the best version of yourself. And in order to do this, you've got to leave your comfort zone and go explore. Your growth as a person matters. And our team at VoyEdge RX believes in the powerful combination of fitness & travel as a ripe means to elevate your physical and mental health. 



VoyEdge RX was founded by a group of friends who truly cared about two & fitness. Being  former tour guides in Europe, our team sought to create (and run) an adventure travel company to off-the-beaten-path destinations. No more simple tours to overrun tourist destinations, no more crowded bus trips throughout all of Europe, just badass trips to unpublicized locations. 

To travel somewhere new is thrilling, but for us, that's only part of the equation. With every member of the VoyEdge RX team being dedicated to functional fitness and lifelong health, we saw a way to creatively blend travel and fitness. That's why every one of our tours offers multiple gym drop-ins, and focuses on fitness as an overall motivator and factor for personal growth. And the best part? It's all optional. 

Every one of our team members has an athletic background. It's what binds us as a team, and we believe sweating next to one another is one of the best ways to bond, no matter what culture or place you're in. 


VoyEdge RX crafts off-the-beaten-path tours for you to sign-up for. With every trip having a cap of 30 people (often less) we see small group excursions as a tactical advantage. You're going to want to travel with likeminded people. You're going to want to go to some amazing places, and you're also going to want some structure, along with the freedom to wander and explore on your own. 

VoyEdge RX has built these trips in mind for the active athlete, of any age, and background. While our team is always coming out with new tours to amazing places, we're weaving in the best blend of optional and included activities designed to be streamlined. With box drop-ins, travel WOD's and other adventurous activities included into every day of the tour, you'll never be bored and will always have a tight-knit crew to hangout with every step of the way.

And no, you don't have to be a fitness freak to sign-up for a tour.

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We believe that travel has an affect on us all. Traveling allows each one of us to view the world through a different lens. Every culture, every place, every stamp on that passport of yours bears a unique story to it - your story. And regardless of where it is you go, and when, your travels will have a positive impact on your life, ultimately shaping and forging the best future version of yourself. And that's a beautiful thing. 

Our team put VoyEdge RX together as a medium, a driving force for others to use as a springboard into some of the best moments of their lives. For us, there's nothing better than showing someone an incredible time and sharing amazingly unique memories together.

Whether it's sipping wine together over a sunset in Santorini, swimming through glacial fissures in Iceland, riding camels together in Morocco, hiking through Zion National Park, or grinding through some workouts in foreign lands, we want to be right there with you, creating and sharing the most unique memories on the planet.

And frankly, what's better than traveling, meeting new people, and living a fun, active lifestyle? 


How it works

The "Edge" part of our name comes from the nature of our team. Adventure travel is one thing, but purposely putting yourself outside of your comfort zone requires you to go past the edges of it. And part of our mantra as a company is to willingly offer you the chance to do things you never thought you'd do. Whether it's snorkeling in the fissure of a continental divide, cage diving with sharks, skiing the alps, zipping on a Vespa through Chianti, or skydiving over the coast of Venice, we want to offer every customer on our tours the adventure of a lifetime. How much you want to do (or not do) is completely up to you. 

100% of the ground transportation and accommodation is covered when you sign-up and more. Every VoyEdge RX tour is limited to 30 people, and led by at least two VRX tour guides who will be there every step of the way on the trip to answer any questions.

Signing up for a trip. We require every person to place a deposit for a trip. From there,  we will send you a physical welcome package from our team and sponsors as a way of saying thank you, and a digital invoice for you to flexibly pay for the cost of the tour. You have from the time you sign-up, till 60 days before the departure of the trip to pay off the balance in full. Our team will send monthly updates on the 1st and 15th of the month to every active trip and customer. 



  • All transportation + accommodations (bus, train, car, tram, etc.)
  • All breakfasts, an introductory welcome dinner and farewell dinner
  • Box drop-ins, outdoor workouts, equipment, stretching sessions, personal coaching, and nutrition coaching 
  • Free VoyEdge RX Athletic Apparel (Men and Women's Sizes)
  • City walking tours, organization of pub crawls, some group dinners (including a kick-off meal!)
  • Coaches, Tour Guides, Trip Leaders (multiple per trip)
  • An unforgettable experience of you traversing new environments, meeting new people and pushing yourself to new heights
  • Photos and video content of you and the VoyEdge RX group doing incredible things on our trips 
  • An inside look at some of the world's best places and hidden spots. Live and travel like a local while you're with us. Plus, drop-in to the world's best gyms and get coached by some truly amazing fitness professionals
marc milan voyedge rx northern italy tour


  • Your Flight. Meet us at the airport (We'll pick you up) or you can meet us at the hotel/hostel after your arrival
  • Most lunches and dinners. We'll be together most of the time on the trip, but well let you figure out when and where you want to eat. We will however have a welcome dinner and farewell dinner on the VRX team.
  • Cures for hangovers. We recommend tons of water and sweating it out. Bananas also help!
  • A bad time - You won't have a bad time on our trips. It's impossible. Working out, traveling to new cities, meeting new people, it's a winning combo. Trust us.
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Our main goal is to get people to travel, to push their limits, and become the best version of themselves. Our team has been lucky enough to travel to some amazing locations - and at the end of the day, we exist as a company because if we can change one person's life through one of our tours, we'll consider that a win. We don't run this company in hope of becoming millionaires, we run it because we want to. 

We can't imagine doing anything else, and creating adventurous global itineraries for athletes of all ages and backgrounds is our calling. We think we've got the perfect team, with varying backgrounds to show you the world - and all the possibilities that lay within it. 

That being said, the obvious benefits of group travel are often that it costs less than traveling individually, you'll get to meet a ton of people from different backgrounds, you'll go to some incredibly off-the-beaten-path locations and will forge lasting memories and experiences. 

Did we mention 100% of the accommodations, ground transportation, and more are included?