Group travel doesn't have to suck. There is WAY too many tour companies out there selling the same thing, and we've heard it all before. "Adventurous group travel excursions....blah blah blah." 

It doesn't have to be that way. In fact, it shouldn't be that way. Group travel for fitness-minded people should be fun and flexible. You should get a streamlined, no B.S. approach to seeing the best things, for the lowest amount possible. Add in box drop-ins, off the beaten path excursions, hikes and a few drinks scattered in-between and you've got a great trip. 

Group travel doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, it's super easy. Keep groups small, communicate clearly and always under-promise and over-deliver. That is the VoyEdge RX promise and with that, we want to disrupt the way 'Adventurous group travel' exists. 

VoyEdge RX is for everyone of all ages, skills and backgrounds, and with our team of former tour guides, current CrossFit coaches and athletes, we know we've got a winning combination to run group excursions the right way. To the best destinations, with flexible pricing, because we believe everyone should get out of their comfort zone on a regular basis and meet likeminded people all around the world. PERIOD. 

That's why we've handcrafted mostly-inclusive itineraries for athletes and people of of all ages, skills and backgrounds on excursions throughout the globe. By mixing and matching the best sightseeing with adventurous off-the-beaten-path activities, these 'vacations' are designed to take you out of your comfort zone. With optional CrossFit box drop-ins and scheduled workouts everyday, fitness and adventure is the backbone of every itinerary.

Find your next vacation with VoyEdge RX and let's explore this incredible world together.


We were all tour guides in Europe after college...Taking study abroad students on weekend adventure trips to places like, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and more. It was always our goal to stay to make sure these students had the time of their lives, and throughout doing things like skiing the Swiss Alps, island hopping in Croatia, or partying in Prague, our goal as people were to stay fit on these trips. And it was the walking tours, partying and bus rides, we found creative ways to stay in shape and push each other to do incredible out-of-the-box things to help offset our crazy lifestyles. We pushed each other to willingly exit our comfort zones as often as possible because deep down, fitness and health were the most important things to us. 

Now, as athletes of all abilities, our team is looking to bring the focus of healthy living to your next vacation. Work hard, play hard is truly the nature of our trips.


Let's face it: so much of our "day in and day out," is defined by the familiar. And like it or not, it's a tendency toward routine that as humans, we're all too prone to adopt. But we know better, don't we? We sense that life's richest moments occur when and where our normal is confronted by a powerfully unexpected dose of the brand new. And whether it's found in a place, a physical experience, another culture, or shared with new people, it's this newness we seek. The tough part is taking the first step...


VoyEdge RX is in the business of providing each traveler with a unique balance of invigorating social, physical, and cultural stimulation. We set the stage for this life-changing challenge against a backdrop of breathtaking, global destinations. Each experience is aimed inclusively at all abilities and backgrounds, and at sharing in the camaraderie, found in the pursuit! We believe that when we do it right, travel has the transformative power to open our eyes and help us discover more about ourselves. The same goes for when you're pouring sweat and in the middle of a WOD (workout of the day) and struggle to contemplate why you're willingly beating yourself. 

Travel & fitness combined, create a perfect atmosphere for group travel. Working with a team, getting to know others, while going new places will expand and open up your comfort zone in ways you could have never imagined. Trust us, you won't regret meeting new people and going new places.


You should travel with a group for two very specific reasons. Number one, it's way less expensive to do it with a group. Number two, VoyEdge RX knows what we're doing. Having been tour guides previously, as well as coaches and athletes, we've handcrafted every excursion to have the best sightseeing in every location, while also guaranteeing your time to explore on your own.  Travel with likeminded people and skip the BS tourist traps along the way. 

Every VoyEdge RX trip is capped off at 30 people max. So you can expect a tight-knit, community-focused vacation with people from all over the world. It doesn't matter your age, skill level or even if you do CrossFit. VoyEdge RX is focused on getting you outside the box, no matter your personal limits. Our goal is to get you doing things you've never done and find enjoyment on the edge of life. We do not include flights as part of our packages. However, from there, our mostly inclusive tours will leave you breathless. We guarantee it. 


  • All transportation + accommodations (bus, train, car, tram, etc.)
  • All breakfasts, an introductory welcome dinner and farewell dinner
  • Box drop-ins, outdoor workouts, equipment, stretching sessions, personal coaching, and nutrition coaching 
  • Free VoyEdge RX Athletic Apparel (Men and Women's Sizes)
  • City walking tours, organization of pub crawls, some group dinners (including a kick-off meal!)
  • Coaches, Tour Guides, Trip Leaders (multiple per trip)
  • An unforgettable experience of you traversing new environments, meeting new people and pushing yourself to new heights
  • Photos and video content of you and the VoyEdge RX group doing incredible things on our trips 
  • An inside look at some of the world's best places and hidden spots. Live and travel like a local while you're with us. Plus, drop-in to the world's best CF boxes and get coached by some truly amazing fitness professionals


  • Your Flight. Meet us at the airport (We'll pick you up) or you can meet us at the hotel/hostel after your arrival
  • Most lunches and dinners. We'll be together most of the time on the trip, but well let you figure out when and where you want to eat. We will however have a welcome dinner and farewell dinner on the VRX team
  • Cures for hangovers. We recommend tons of water and sweating it out. Bananas also help
  • A bad time - You won't have a bad time on our trips. It's impossible. Working out, traveling to new cities, meeting new people, it's a winning combo. Trust us



See you at Oktoberfest 2017!!!! Visit our Trip Calendar for more information on our next trip!  

See you at Oktoberfest 2017!!!! Visit our Trip Calendar for more information on our next trip!


Our trips are expensive, for sure, but there's a reason for it...time is money and when you're on vacation you want to make every moment count. That's why we've drafted from our collective experience as tour guides and have put our best offerings into each and every one of our trips.

Seriously. We know we'll make 100% of your time count across the globe and we'll do everything in our power to make sure you go home saying, 'Wow. That was F*****g awesome.'

We'll stay at the best available accommodations, show you what's off the beaten tourist track and will be there laughing and living the moment with you every step of the way. 100% of the required transportation is also provided by VRX on your trip. Not to mention breakfast and multiple dinners.

Here's a few added bonuses when you sign up

  • A totally badass vacation with your future self unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Full of fitness, travel, and partying
  • VRX T-Shirt (let us know your size upon booking)
  • VRX Marketing Partners Inside Discounts (FitVine Wine, Paleo Naturals, The Natural Grip, Muscleup Bars, etc.) 
  • Lacrosse Ball (to help stay mobile on the trip)
  • A drawstring knapsack (you know, for those day trips) 
  • A handwritten, 'Thank You' note from our team
  • A guarantee to tire and inspire you on your upcoming vacation
  • Plus, a few surprises along the way....