Marston and Heber. Photo Courtesy of @marzmedia

Marston and Heber. Photo Courtesy of @marzmedia

It came as a crushing blow for many fans of CrossFit when HQ let go of their main content producers a few months back. Marston Sawyer and Heber Cannon, AKA The Febreze Brothers, have been working together at HQ since 2010 to create some of our favorite CrossFit content and videos.

Danny Broflex, Behind the Scenes at the CrossFit Games, Road to the Games, and The Fittest on Earth documentary series are all credited to these two men. This is the type of content that helped take the sport from a backyard throw down all the way to prime time on CBS and ESPN.

Well my people, the boys are back!! Both men took to instagram to announce that they will be in attendance at the Dubai CrossFit Championship, not as fans but as content producers. For now they are keeping their cards close to the chest as to what they are producing, but the fact of the matter is they ARE producing. Heber even hinted in his post of a possible Sanctioned Event Series they may be producing. Insert gasp here.

So folks, you can rest easy tonight. Although much changed has occurred, it appears our favorite content producers will not stop giving us the awesome content we love so much. Stay tuned here for all the latest updates on the work these guys put out. It's sure to be legendary. 

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