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Sasha is a photographer from NJ, but is a citizen of the world. Since leaving the photo corporate world after 9 years, she decided to focus on what made her the happiest and, as a result, is always living vicariously through herself.

When it comes to fitness, she discovered CrossFit 4 years ago and started shooting at the box between wods. Since then she's become the resident photographer at her home box, Maxability Sports and CrossFit, in NJ and features on CrossFit numerous times.

Sasha keeps her craft simple; she likes to make photographs, and you like to be in them. And when she's not running around with a camera in her hands, you can find her running our social media accounts, making coffee, deep in Netflix marathons, and drinking the coffee she just made. As a natural nomad, she loves to travel and experience new places, and has zero issue with living out of a suitcase.

Combining her loves of photography and travel is a dream made reality and she looks forward to providing an unforgettable visual journal for everyone on the trip.

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fun facts

Favorite Travel Destination: Too many to name, but Europe has most of them

Favorite type of WOD: Team & partner WODs, anything with a barbell

Favorite food: Fish tacos, pretty much anything I'm not supposed to have, beer

Home Box: Maxability Sports and CrossFit