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tour dates: june 2nd-10th, 2019

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There on the beaches of Normandy, I began to reflect on the wonders of these ordinary people whose lives were laced with the markings of greatness.
— Tom Brokaw

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NORTHWESTERN FRANCE - June 2nd-10th, 2019
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day by day

DAY 1 - june 2nd, 2019

welcome to paris. walking tour, optional workout & group dinner

paris-1836415 (1).jpg

Paris, a city for the centuries...La Ville de Lumíere, AKA 'City of Light.' These charming cobblestone streets will blow you away. . From the moment you arrive until tomorrow's departure, you'll easily fall in love with the inner workings of Paris, France. 

Day 1 will be arrival day. Land at Charles De Gaulle airport and make your way into the city center via bus (VRX will reimburse your ticket cost) and meet the group at the hotel. From there, you'll partake in a walking tour of Paris. Part of the walking tour will be an included group dinner, and further exploration of Paris (if you'd like) or you can return to the hotel to rest up for Day 2, as we'll head to to the Palace of Versailles early in the morning and then to Etrétat. 

Included: Arrival into Charles De Gaulle, reimbursement for getting into the city center/hotel, walking tour of Paris, group dinner, Eiffel Tower ticket entrance, Notre Dame ticket, and accommodations.

DAY 2 - june 3rd, 2019

palace of versailles + chalk cliffs of etretat + stay in le havre


The Palace of Versailles was the seat of political power in the Kingdom of France from 1682, when King Louis XIV moved the royal court from Paris, until the royal family was forced to return to the capital in October 1789, within three months after the beginning of the French Revolution. Versailles is therefore famous not only as a building, but as a symbol of the system of absolute monarchy

Day 2 will kick off with an early bus ride about 20 km away from France, where you'll have a few hours to explore the Royal Palace of Versailles and its ornate gardens, halls of gold and more. Around midday the group will depart to Etrétat, where you'll have the early afternoon and sunset to enjoy the Chalk Cliffs (including three natural arches which rise 70 meters high) and the white sand beaches beneath them. You'll enjoy a group dinner here, and then we'll head to our accommodations 20 miles away in the port town of Le Havre. 

Included: Day trip to Versailles (ticket included), bus trip to Etrétat and walkthrough of Chalk Cliffs and Arches, Group dinner and accommodations in Le Havre. 

DAY 3 - june 4th, 2019

wake up in the port of LE HAVRE,wod & visit HORNFLEUR, AND CAEN

hornfleur france

After waking up here, you'll enjoy a light breakfast and some time to tour the town, its narrow street ways, and industrial vibe. We'll organize a morning drop-in to CrossFit Le Havre, one of the biggest boxes in all of France, before heading out to the port town of Hornfléur. 

After a quick lunch and shower, we'll hop across the Seine River to the port town of Hornfleur, known for its old, beautiful picturesque harbor, and slate-covered houses painted in a variety of colors. Hornfleur is also home to The Sainte-Catherine church, the largest church made out of wood in France. You'll have a few hours to explore the Port d'Honfleur before we make our way just 45 minutes away to the town of Caen, the first city to be liberated by the Allies during the Invasion of Normandy. 

We'll stay in Caen for the evening, and you'll be able to tour this small town of 100,000 people where they have everything from a 'Memorial For Peace' at the Caen WW2 Museum, to the Chateaux de Caen. We'll do a walking tour, and the rest of the evening is going to be yours to explore. There are several outdoor memorials commemorating the Battle of Caen,  Tickets to the museums and walking tour of Caen are included! 

Included: Drop-in at CrossFit Le Havre, walking tour of Le Havre, breakfast, bus to Hornfleur, walking tour of Hornfleur, lunch on VoyEdge RX, bus to Caen, walking tour of Caen, WW2 Museum and free night to explore Caen. All transportation + accommodation included. 

DAY 4 - june 5th, 2019


d day beaches / normandy

After our early morning stop in Caen, we'll head 30 minutes north to Bayeux, a major tourist attraction town, and also the first city the Germans retreated from during the Invasion of Normandy in World War 2. Our group will also be staying in Bayeux for the night, as there are ample sightseeing opportunities such as the The Bayeux War Cemetery with its memorial includes the largest British cemetery dating from the Second World War in France. There are 4,648 graves, including 3,935 British and 466 Germans. Most of those buried there were killed in the invasion of Normandy. There is also the Bayeux Cathedral, a supremely ornate church located in the middle of town among its many shopping districts and outdoor squares. There is also a large botanical garden close to the church, which you'll see in person. 

After our arrival and free time in Bayeux, we'll depart for a half-day tour to the D-Day beaches of Omaha, Point du Hoc, Utah Beach, Long su Mer, and the American, British and French memorials. We will return to Bayeux for the evening, and you'll have free time to explore this wonderfully imaginative city and any other museums or memorials you may want to partake in! 

Included: Morning WOD in Le Havre, light breakfast, bus to Caen, walking tour of Caen, Memorial For Peace tour in Caen, bus to Bayeux, walking tour of Bayeux, Bayeux War cemetery, Cathedral and botanical garden tour, half-day tour to D-Day Beaches of Omaha, Point du Hoc, Utah Beach and the America, British and French memorials. Night out in Bayeux! 

DAY 5 - june 6th, 2019


mont st michele voyedge rx

You'll wake up in Bayeux this morning, have a light breakfast and then we'll head to CrossFit Caen for a morning WOD, and a light lunch before departing off to the wine-producing castle of King Henry the IV, known as the Chateau dé Balleroy. The castle and surrounding garden was constructed as a summer home for the King in 1636.

From Balleroy, the group will depart for Mont Saint-Michel, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the biggest attraction in France outside of Paris. This commune attracts over 3 million visitors a year and was originally constructed as an 8th century monastery by monks. Today, the small island commune is only accessible by a small footbridge and boasts an incredible number of narrow alleyways, wonderful architecture, small shops, cafes and restaurants. 

After our several hour tour of Mont. St. Michele, the group will head an hour north to Granville, France (known as the Monaco of the North due to its seaside port and rocky shore).

Included: Wake up in Bayeux, breakfast, CrossFit Caen drop-in (train tickets included), bus ride to Chateau de Balleroy, tour of Balleroy gardens etc., transfer to Mont Saint-Michele, tour of the Mont, dinner 

DAY 6 - june 7th, 2019


Welcome to the 'Monaco of the North!' You'll wake up in Granville, and if you're gunning for a workout, we'll drop-into CrossFit Reyad first thing in the morning and have a light breakfast at our accommodations. Granville is known as the Northern French version of Monaco due to the vast number of ships that pass through here. With an old port, pristine beaches and plenty of seafood-faring restaurants to choose from, we'll give you a few hours to explore this nimble town and even head out on the English Channel on an old boat tour.  Or, if you want to just hang out, have a coffee, lunch and enjoy a view of Mont Saint-Michel from afar. 

Just after noon time, we'll either take the train or bus to Rennes, the cultural center of the region of Brittany, known for its half timber houses, nimble streetscapes and charming outdoor botanical gardens and planetariums. The town of Rennes itself, was completely ravaged by a fire in 1720, so many of the houses bear a striking resemblance between modern architecture and the pre-revolution days of Medieval France and the ancient regime. A must-see in the town of Rennes is the Parc du Thabor, a series of striking gardens in the city's center. 

You'll have the rest of the day, afternoon and night to explore Rennes as you wish. If you didn't make it to the box drop-in in the morning, you can hit a late night WOD at Breizh CrossFit. Group dinner and night out and accommodations in Rennes included. 

DAY 7 - june 8th, 2019


You'll wake up in Rennes and will have breakfast before taking a bus to the Parque du Naturel de Perche. But before that, we'll detour and stop in Les Mans, France - home of the 24 hour endurance 'Les Mans' road race. Just about an hour and a half away from Rennes, we'll arrive in Le Mans and will promptly do a tour of the city. Le Mans is extremely well kept and preserved. From the cobblestone streets and half timbered houses, the epic heritage of Le Mans is clearly seen. 

You'll spend half a day checking out Le Mans (and have an optional drop-in to CrossFit Le Mans) before hopping back on the bus to head 30 minutes to the northeast to the Parque du Naturel de Perche, the pristine conservation land and national forest of France, where you'll spend the afternoon and late evening relaxing, and enjoying locally made food from the surrounding communities. You'll stay in upscale cabins and will have the day tomorrow to explore, relax, and unwind before departing back to Paris and the airport.  Your accommodations and a group dinner in the Parque is on VoyEdge RX. Any optional activities in Le Mans or at the Parque are not included. 

Included: Breakfast in Rennes, transportation to Le Mans, walking tour of Le Mans, transportation to Parque du Naturel de Perche, accommodations and a group dinner. 

DAY 8 - june 9th, 2019

ENJOY the PARQUE du naturel + HEAD BACK TO PARIS for a free night

voyedge rx

You'll have until the early afternoon to explore the Parque, go for a hike and enjoy your time in this French nature preserve before we depart and make our way back to Paris. For a list of all the things you can do in the Parque du naturel du perche, see here.  From there, we'll make our way back into Paris (about an hour and a half drive) and will swing past the airport if you'd like to book your evening departure back to the states. However, if you'd like to spend more time in Paris (highly encouraged), then VoyEdge RX will book your hotel rooms and show you around Paris once more on day 9. 

Our evening in Paris will end with another group dinner, and optional CrossFit box drop-in at the nearest box to our hotel (TBA). 

If you are departing on day 8, please set your departure time from Paris after 5 PM if possible. If you are departing on day 9, you may set your departure time to be whatever is most convenient for you. And above all else, thank you for coming aboard our Northwestern France trip! We hope you enjoyed yourselves beyond belief and saw some incredible things along the way! 

Included: Breakfast in the Parque, free time to explore the Parque, transportation back to Paris/CDG Airport and accommodations if you want to stay in Paris one more night. Box drop-in (TBA) and group dinner in Paris. If you want to stay the evening in Paris and fly out tomorrow, let us know and we'll provide accommodations for you this evening! 

day 9 - june 10th, 2019



Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and if you're keen on spending just a bit more time here, you're in luck. After our day trip through the Parque Du Naturel, we'll head back to Paris for one more evening to discover just how wonderful this city is. 

VoyEdge RX can and will provide an optional morning workout on Day 9, and will do another un-licensed walking tour to some of our favorite Parisian attractions. If you want to split off and go do something else, you are more then welcome, but first, let VoyEdge RX purchase your bus or train tickets to the airport of your departure. 

From there, we'll wish you an excellent trip home, and thank you for joining us over this past week through Northwestern France! We hope you had an amazing time! 


  • All ground transportation & accommodation, activities listed & more
  • Pick up and drop off at airport! Or tickets to provided
  • Breakfast everyday and two group dinners on the tour!
  • Walking tour of every city
  • Multiple essential activities in various cities
  • All of the tickets to museums and memorials included above, including D-Day beaches
  • Tons of free time to explore on your own 
  • Multiple VoyEdge RX tour guides with you every step of the way!
  • Several box drop-ins throughout France! All fees included
  • Lots of coastline and beach walking tours
  • Tours of Chateaux's, palaces and more
  • Multiple nights out and wine tastings
  • Loads of optional activities
  • An incredible time with likeminded people and epic times guaranteed to help you unwind, unplug and revitalize yourself. 
  • Loads of outdoor time, access to shopping and memories to last a lifetime
  • Professionally taken photos & video of the tour


  • Flight to and from Charles De Gaulle (CDG) RT
  • Lunches on the trip and some dinners 
  • Any optional activities not included on the days above (Tours, museums etc.) all of which can be booked right from the hotel desk or from tour operators we'll pass on the trip itself 
  • Optional activities on the last day in Paris 










map of the tour






NORTHWESTERN FRANCE - June 2nd-10th, 2019
from 300.00
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