trip planning & logistics

Gina Eygenson

Gina is our team linguist. She grew up living around the world including Russia, England, Switzerland, Egypt and Jordan. Exploring the world has been a part of Gina's life since her first family trip to Spain at the ripe age of four months. 

With each move, building community became less of an option and more of a necessity for Gina. She found CrossFit five years ago and with it a stable home-base no matter where she is in the world.

Working with VoyEdgeRX enables Gina to bring everything she loves to new faces - making new friends, exploring the world and being active. 

When she isn't working on planning tours and logistics with VRX you can find Gina scoping out her own next trip (exploring the US is the 2018-2019 priority) and testing out new recipes. (Elaborate kitchen equipment is a guilty pleasure... If you have a sous vide and haven't made 24 hour bacon - ask me about it!)


Favorite Travel Destination: Somewhere new (I have a long wish list)

Favorite type of WOD: For time, short rep scheme and a variety of movements

Favorite food: Slow cooked carnitas

Home Box: Commonwealth CrossFit