trip planning coordinator/tour guide

Aimee grew up in Hampden, MA and currently lives in Park City, UT. She has a degree in Health Science and Nutrition from Keene State College. She was a college field hockey player, and now an avid CrossFitter and adventure enthusiast. You can find her in the mountains either skiing or mountain biking, depending on the season!

Aimee has an extensive coaching background across multiple sports. She spent many years coaching CrossFit and club field hockey teams in Western Mass.


Favorite Travel Destination: Bolzano, Italy

Favorite Type of WOD: Chippers

Favorite Food: Steak

Home Box: CrossFit Park City

To the VRX team she brings a fierce drive to push limits while staying true to yourself along the way. She has a keen perception of people’s wants and needs, and can deliver calmness and clarity, even in the most difficult situations. Her travel experiences are ever growing, and she is thrilled to be exploring amazing places with strangers on the same path as her.

You may reach her at: for any and all inquiries.